Modern Automatic Car Transmission

Transmission Repair

Transmission issues are our specialty! We specialize in repairing all types of transmissions, including manual, automatic, and semi-automatic models. We modify and update your car’s transmissions to correct manufacturer defects. Taking care of your automotive transmission repair early on can go a long way in saving you money. We’re good at what we do and we can repair your transmission problem for less.


Signs Your Transmission Needs Service

  • You dashboard warning light comes on.
  • The car takes longer to go from park to drive.
  • Gear shifts are rough and may emit a “thud” noise.
  • If the gear slips for no reason and the engine noise may change or sound like whining.
  • There are leaks spots under your car.


Quality is superb and the staff is outstanding

We live in Kingman, AZ. Transmission went out on us in Vegas. It was nerve racking. I found these guys on google they were a mile from where we broke down. Was able to get the truck there on its own power. I am very leery leaving my cars with anyone but this was the best thing I ever did. These guys stuck with there price the truck was done in 4 days!! The quality is superb and the staff is outstanding. I will be bringing my cars there in the future. When it comes to good service the distance doesn’t matter. Thank you Good Care!!!
Joe Russo, Kingman AZ

Couldn’t be happier

Couldn’t be happier. I waited a while to complete this review as we were in the middle of a road trip when our transmission gave out on our way down the hill into Primm. Limped into Vegas and found Henry… Lucky. Had a rebuild and upgrade done. Price was fair and work seems excellent to me. Have been up and down mountain roads since while pulling our trailer and shifting smooth the whole while. Bottom line: if you need your transmission looked at. Take it here. I had such a good experience that I’m looking forward to the next time I’m in Vegas so I can stop by and say thank you one more time in person.

Olson-Glover Family

Can’t say enough good things about them

So glad to have happened on to these guys. I had a transmission problem on my 2002 Chevy Venture minivan that everyone else I took it to told me had to be a full rebuild. After looking online at different forums for my van, found a thread that described my problem exactly and said I didn’t need a rebuild but an $800 repair. When I talked to the owner about my problem, without mentioning the solution that I already decided I wanted, he told me that I could do a rebuild, or if I wanted, just replace the few things in my transmission. He described the fix exactly that took me 4 months of off and on internet research to discover. The repair wouldn’t be as long lasting as a rebuild, but was perfect for what I needed. My 14 year old car needed to last me another 3 years, but wasn’t worth a $3,000 transmission rebuild. The total cost of the repair was around $500.00 and the van was still going strong when I sold it 2 years later. I have used them for numerous repairs since, and I joke that I am putting their kids through school, but if I’m going to pay someone, it may as well be someone I trust. Can’t say enough good things about them.
Peter Poll, Las Vegas, NV

The teamwork and honesty of this shop is by far extraordinary

I have been coming to Good Care since 2014. Unfortunately, my Honda decided to start slipping gears, and I needed to have someone look at it. Fortunately, I looked at yelp and found this place. Henry, Sabrina, and the mechanics are by far the best people to take your car to. In fact, my family has 5 cars (we have a lot of people) and every single car has come out running even better than when we brought it in. From engine and transmission rebuilds to the smallest thing such as a PCV valve, they take their time and actually find out what is wrong with your car. If they cannot find it out, they come together as a team and work as one. The teamwork and honesty of this shop is by far extraordinary.

At Good Care, they make sure you are taken care of. A shop that is no BS is a shop for me. Another thing to note about them is they try and find the best deal that suits you. If your car is warrantied by the dealer, they will actually tell you to go to the dealer. That is how much these people care. I know this post is long winded. But I cannot say enough on how great these people are.

Kobie W., Las Vegas, NV

Thanks Good Care, we are satisfied customers!

So glad we found this place!  We’ve gone to many (too many) mechanics & transmission places in the past.  Finally a place that does good work at reasonable prices with fast & friendly service.  They use common sense with their work & common courtesy when explaining it! They also have a good referral network for issues they don’t handle.  Thanks Good Care, we are satisfied customers!

Jodi A., Las Vegas, NV

Henry is a really quality, honest person of high integrity

Good Care Transmission is great, I can’t say enough good things about them.  My wife and I were on our way from Reno to the Grand Canyon in our 2002 Ford F-350 7.3 Diesel pulling a 5th wheel trailer. As we came into Las Vegas the tranny gave out.  I looked at the Yelp reviews and where the shop was located and called good care. Sabrina was great from the start, she told us to come right in and they would take care of us.

Henry the owner came out and tested our truck right away when we pulled in, he told me what I knew, that the transmission was gone. I had been towing with this truck for over 1000,000 miles and I knew it would need rebuilding at some point. Good Care rebuilt and upgraded our transmission. It turned out perfect, we finished our trip with a much better upgraded transmission.  And on top of it all they came in under the price they quoted. Henry is a really quality, honest person of high integrity.

Paul B., Fernley, NV

Thank you so much for your help!

Sabrina and her crew at Good Care are fantastic. I was driving through town and thought I had a failing transmission. I was fully prepared to have them replace/rebuild the whole thing, but they were very honest with me and told me the transmission was working perfectly and even helped trace the issue to my carburetor. Thank you so much for your help!

Mathew Lendrum, Las Vegas, NV